The Challenge of Change – The 2015 Intergenerational Report

Howdy All,

We trust that today’s post finds you well.

Rarely do we praise the Federal Government but in this instance they are worthy of praise.

As many of you would be aware the 2015 Intergnerational Report was released recently. This document is compiled every five years and it helps us to understand the demographic and economic changes Australia can expect to face in future.

Whilst it is easy to be dismissive and conclude the forecasting is a flawed, we take an alternative view. For us the intergenerational report provides an insight into who we are as a nation.

It is a snapshot of today, it shows how we have changed and it projects what we will look like in 40 years time. It is, in our view, the best information we can get today to work out what is going to happen tomorrow.

In support of this report, the Federal Government has built a short video which in our view starts what ultimately is a very important conversation. We would encourage you all to click on the listed link and for those wishing to know more we would encourage you to download either the report summary or the report itself.

There is no question that we as a nation face enormous challenges. That said it is hard not to be optimistic about our future. The world is changing and so to is our “Amazing Country”. The question we ask is whether we want to ride the change or drive it! For those who know us well, you know what our answer would be!

Bidding you all a most magnificent day

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